What we do

We create connections.


Worldwide, eGENTIC generates more than 4 million opted in datasets every month. We own and operate all of our lead generation websites, for which we drive more than 20 Million impressions a month across 5 continents. Direct clients, agencies and contact centers then utilise our validated and qualified consumer data. In addition to our highly targeted web traffic, we deliver solutions to sell to almost any consumer target.

You will be contacting consumer data that are compliant with GDPR and the local Privacy Regulations for all of your direct marketing campaigns.

Would you like to acquire new customers? Then use our services!


You can acquire qualified data sets that is compliant with GDPR and Local Privacy Regulation with opt-in to your company. Various targeting selections are available and we provide consistent volume to ensure your telemarketing capacity is optimised.

  • Phone numbers
    for telemarketing and/or SMS/other broadcast campaigns
    for data enrichment
  • Emails
    for standalone campaigns or your CRM/Newsletter strategy
    for data enrichment
  • Postal addresses (selected markets)
    for direct mailing or for personalised leaflet distribution


Broadcast marketing remains one of the best ways to get your product and services in front of potential customers. We leverage our extensive opt-in database to distribute your promotions. Coupled with selected targeting and personalised approach, we make sure your messages are well read by your most sought after clients.

  • Banner Ads

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Push Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • SMS Marketing

  • Push Marketing


Traffic passes through our Media Channels 24/7. We can deliver precise target audiences to your advertising material via Display Ads.


Whether you are looking to enrich your data, acquire contact data, or just additional information to enhance your big data processes, you can use our Data Cleanroom Technology. This technology will enrich your data without transferring it. We make sure that encrypted data can be matched and enriched while fulfilling all legal requirements.


Do you have a website?

Create an additional revenue stream by monetising your booking confirmation or exit page. Once a user has completed their transaction on your path, why not earn additional revenue by implementing the eGENTIC Post Transaction Exit Widget? Simply place our banner/iframe on your exit page to:

  • Increase your user value (and margin) on every transaction

  • Get additional information about your customer through our data

  • Fast, easy, and safe technical integration on your website.

No matter what your requirements are, we are available to support your sales activities in 21 markets and to meet you in any of our 4 headquarters.