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eGENTIC is a pioneer and global leader in B2C lead generation. No other marketing agency generates B2C leads quite the way we do. Though many have attempted to copy our approach and strategy, they just can’t deliver the same quality and quantity of leads we are known for.

If you do not invest in lead generation, eventually, the leads will dry up. What happens then?
With 20+ years in B2C lead generation, there is no other provider that can offer comparable scaling capabilities and manpower. Our staff is highly trained, skilled, and passionate about our client’s success, and we’ll work closely with you to maximise your results.

Sure, you could run your campaigns through an in-house team or hire a 360˚ marketing agency, but the cost is high, and so is the risk. If you rely only on marketing channels like Facebook and Google, you are missing out on a world of opportunity. Our mission is to help you tap your potential and introduce your products and services to a whole new audience.


  • Dedicated account manager

  • Frequent performance reviews
  • Comprehensive data analysis to enhance performance

  • Artificial intelligence boosts ad performance
  • Daily optimization

  • A/B testing
  • Fully monitored campaigns

  • Detailed or basic audience targeting

  • Pay per result, not per impression or clicks

  • No management or setup fees

  • 100% compliant with all data privacy laws in the markets we operate in


Unlike most agencies, we optimise campaigns daily as we know how quickly and unexpectedly the market can change. This attention to detail positions us as a leader in our niche—and your secret weapon when it comes to scaling your brand. Try our Smart Lead Generation products today!

eGENTIC is an international company with offices in Germany, UK, Singapore, and Brazil. If you are looking for ways to generate high-potential, scalable consumer leads without risking or wasting your marketing budget, we can help. Our lead generation solutions cut through the noise, providing a frictionless, in-context experience that yields reliable, cost-effective results. We do not guess or predict—we know what works and how to make it happen for you.


Soufiane Chehtite
Phone: +49 6196 8022 303
E-Mail: soufiane.chehtite (at) egentic.com
Philipp Pausewang
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E-Mail: philipp.pausewang (at) egentic.com
Patrycja Skoneczna
Phone: +49 6196 8022 144
E-Mail: patrycja.skoneczna (at) egentic.com
Finland / Sweden
Finland / SwedenInternational Sales
Héctor Martinez
Phone: +49 6196 8022 265
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United Kingdom
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Asia / Pacific
Asia / Pacific
Luciana Pereira
Phone: 55 31 25 34 1722
E-Mail: Luciana.pereira (at) egentic.com


“eGENTIC has turned our web traffic into a steady stream of ancillary revenue for the airline. They are also great at technical integration and often liaise well with our in-house tech teams”

John Huang, Ancillary Manager | Scoot
“We have been working with eGENTIC since 2018. Over the past years, eGENTIC has helped provide additional ancillary income to Firefly. The team is efficient and constantly provide updates and suggestions to improve the system. We are glad to have eGENTIC as our partner.”
Koo Kee Wai , Head of Marketing & Communications | Firefly

“After 5 years and more than 13.5 million leads supplied, we can affirm that eGENTIC provides us with the quantity and quality of leads that our operation requires, month after month, and its willingness is maximum for any initiative that we propose.”

Gonzalo Conde Feced, Manager at Accepta | Grupo Santalucia Seguros

“The team of our partner eGentic has managed to meet our expectations, achieving the best conversion on the market and guaranteeing a high availability of leads in existing and newly implemented projects.”

Daniel Rendón, WFM Manager Spain | Comdata España & Latam

We cooperate with eGENTIC GmbH for a couple of years. In jointly implemented projects, we always value reliability and a partnership over several years. All services were performed on time and the quality of implementation has great standards. We recommend eGentic as a trustworthy and professional company, which fulfills our tasks entrusted and on time.

Roman Grygierek, CEO | Salelifter sp. z o.o.

Nossa parceria com a Egentic já se estende há quase uma década, sempre sendo um parceiro importante para a geração de leads de qualidade e com eficiência. Sua equipe é altamente qualificada para a entrega de leads em escala e com alto retorno. Com a flexibilidade de trabalhar diferentes segmentações, seu trabalho é chave na entrega de campanhas de performance focadas em Leads.

Filipe Terra, DGMAX Interactive BR
Há 7 anos desenvolvendo e fortalecendo uma parceria recíproca com a Egentic, na qual sempre conseguimos obter grandes resultados, e cada vez mais buscando melhorias nas otimizações das nossas campanhas.
Alexandre Oliveira, KINDICO
Egentic é um dos nossos principais parceiros nos disparos de push, qualidade e entrega de volume rápido em campanhas estratégicas, além da equipe super atenciosa, uma parceria que só cresce.
Mariana Costa, IGOAL

eGentic has worked closely with us to deliver first-in-class end-to-end campaigns that consistently hit our mutual targets.

Valentino, Go Groopie

We work with eGentic now constantly for several years and are pleased to make business with them: It is an open and honest partnership, easy to work with, and fruitful for our business.

Sandra , The consulting Network GmbH| Managing Partner

El modelo de captación de Leads de Egentic nos ofrece la seguridad legal que requerimos, y su agilidad y adaptabilidad nos ayuda a ser eficientes con nuestra gestión comercial.

Félix Gutiérrez, MasMovil | Gerente de Ventas