What we do

We are an online marketing company specializing in quality lead generation with a worldwide reach to premium leads. We help our clients find new customers and increase their business in over 30 countries.

How Lead Generation Can Work For You

  • Challenge You want hot telephone leads for your outbound sales team or signups to a specific newsletter.
    Solution Start a Co-Registration or Lifestyle Survey campaign with eGENTIC. With our survey questions we manage to detect the needs and lifestyle of our users. You get leads who have already indicated an interest in you and your services.
    Ideal for Hot telephone leads (insurance, energy, subscriptions, etc), specialized newsletter sign ups, niche ecommerce, and much more.
  • Challenge You want to quickly build up your email or newsletter database.
    Solution Run a sponsor campaign with eGENTIC. Get a high volume of email addresses for a competitive price. You can target on metrics such as gender, age and postcode.
    Ideal for Newsletter signups, database building, new member registrations.
  • Challenge You want telephone numbers for outbound sales of mass products.
    Solution Get telemarketing data from eGENTIC. What sets our telemarketing data apart from other sources is that there is a ‘reason to call’, because people have participated in the sweepstake. This makes telemarketing data from eGENTIC more response-sensitive than cold data.
    Ideal for Mass products such as lottery, good causes, subscriptions, insurance and many more.
  • Challenge You want to send out your offers to a responsive database and make them visible?
    Solution Go for an email or banner campaign with eGENTIC. Our responsive and extensive database is ideal for communicating your offers.
    Ideal for Promoting your campaigns and offers.